Pro Bono Services

Pro Bono Services

B&A believes in the ethical and ideological theory of Social Responsibility towards the Society and therefore providing Pro Bono services to the needy and under-privileged individuals and low income groups is an integral part of B&A Mediation Services.
Pro Bono initiative of the B&A specially takes care of the emerging needs of the society and therefore its Pro Bono initiative is aimed to bring about an overall positive impact on the communities, cultures and environments in which they operate in the society. The fundamentals of Pro Bono Services to the Society rest on the fact that not only Government but even other entities should also be responsible enough to address social issues.
We at B&A, believe in giving back to the society and therefore we find immense happiness in sharing our expertise and services with the under-privileged and socially and economically weaker section of the society.

B&A provide pro bono services to following categories of individuals and organizations

  • Needy and under-privileged individuals.
  • Individuals belonging to low income groups.
  • Non-Profit-Organizations working towards the uplifment of women and children.
  • Non-Profit-Organizations working towards the uplifment of socially and economically weaker section of society.
  • Religious and other Social organizations working for the society especially towards health and education.
  • Matters referred by Courts and Tribunals, to the parties/litigants who are unable to reach the Mediation Centers established in the Courts because of their financial and other compulsions.

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