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Bhandari & Associates

B&A is a reputed law firm and a pioneer mediation service provider across
the country which is led by a team of Legal, Corporate and Technical
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known for its multidisciplinary approach to provide personal and prompt services to its clients.

What is Mediation

Mediation is the flagship of the ADR movement, which for us is not
alternative dispute resolution but appropriate dispute resolution.
Mediation is a different paradigm and path from litigation. In litigation the focus
is on the past, on establishing blame and liability and a win-lose result.

Pre-Litigation Mediation

As the name suggests, Pre-Litigation Mediation refers to the process of settling disputes/differences before these disputes/differences are contested and adjudicated upon in the Courts of Law.
The main advantages which possibly arise out of such mediation are confidentiality, savings of costs (both in terms of human resources and capital).

Court-referred Mediation

When the Courts are of the opinion that certain categories of matters can be solved by across-the-table discussions. The referral of the matter for settlement by way of negotiations, etc. with the help of mediators within the Court settings without adjudication upon the merits of the case is called Court-referred Mediation. Generally, Matrimonial Disputes, Family Matters, Consumer Cases and Torts Cases are the categories which fall under this method.

Ms. Varuna Bhandari Gugnani was appointed as mediator in TP (Civil) 15751 of 2012 between my son Tushar Agarwal and Swikrati Singh Agarwal. We have no words to appreciate her patience to bear all the pressure brought on her by both sides when we lost hope for settlement she persuaded both the parties and today her efforts have yielded the desired results. Thanx a ton Madam Varuna. Pramod Agarwal.

The process of mediation is a healthy, healing. Our mediator Mrs. Varuna Bhandari has helped us tremendously and given us patience hearing and guidance. I give her a deep sence of gratitude. I thank you for the help and support you have given me and my son. God Bless you.

First for me convey my great thanks to Ms. Varuna Bhandari for providing wonderful opportunity to talk to my wife, which never was done so far. Every time I used to make an opportunity to meet her in the court hall, but the mediation centre is the place where I could meet and talk to her ambiance of the mediation centre, cordial staff and the efforts of Ms. Varuna Bhandari was like a miracle, which really changed the way I made the decision. Thanks and very fond to the mediation centre.

Felt very comfortable and nourished talking to mediator Varuna Bhandari very friendly mediator. Felt like she was my well wisher. This was the hardest decision that I had to make. Varuna mam genuinely helped me. Thank you..

It was a great pleasure to work with my mediator Ms. Varuna Bhandari. She was able to settle my matrimonial dispute in the most amicable manner possible leaving no hard feelings in the mind of parties. Thanking her enough and the staff for their kind cooperation.

With the effort made by mediator Ms. Varuna Bhandari, parties were able to reunite and start a fresh married life. Approach of mediation Centre and Staff are very cooperative.

Red heartfelt thank to Ms. Varuna Bhandari madam who created a platform for me to settle my matrimonial issues on an mutual agreement which I was fighting for past 7 years. The agony was well understood by her. She protruded the legal issues and consequences of the same in well framed manner. The staff at the reception Mr. Shahid was very ambient in arranging the meeting times in accordance to our convenience.