California Mediation Week plays a significant role in raising awareness, promoting understanding, and advancing the practice of mediation fostering a culture of peaceful and collaborative dispute resolution.

Varuna Bhandari Gugnani represented India in first panel discussion organised by California Bar Association under the Golden Swan series along with the JAMS Foundation.

California Mediation Week is an annual event dedicated to promoting the benefits and creating awareness of mediation as a constructive and effective method of resolving conflicts. It is celebrated throughout California with various activities, programs, and events focused on mediation and its positive impact on individuals, communities, and organizations.

First virtual event was organised on 16th day of March, 2023 in honor of California Mediation Week, Community Boards along with the JAMS Foundation, Coloured Consultancy, and the Golden Swan, hosted dynamic international dialogue about mediation and conflict transformation around the world.




During California Mediation Week, organizations, mediators, and community members come together to raise awareness about mediation and its potential to resolve disputes in a peaceful and collaborative manner. The week typically includes workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and public outreach campaigns to educate the public about mediation and its benefits.

The objectives of California Mediation Week include:

  1. Promoting Mediation: The event aims to highlight the value of mediation as an alternative to litigation and other adversarial methods of conflict resolution. It seeks to educate the public about the benefits of mediation, such as cost-effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality, and preserving relationships.
  2. Community Engagement: California Mediation Week encourages community engagement by bringing together mediators, community organizations, and individuals to participate in activities that promote dialogue, understanding, and peaceful resolution of conflicts.
  3. Professional Development: The event provides opportunities for mediators and dispute resolution professionals to enhance their skills, exchange knowledge and experiences, and learn about the latest developments in the field of mediation.
  4. Collaboration: California Mediation Week fosters collaboration among mediators, organizations, and stakeholders involved in conflict resolution. It promotes networking, partnerships, and shared efforts to advance the practice and understanding of mediation.

Throughout the week, various organizations and mediators host events such as mediation demonstrations, public talks, training sessions, and community mediation sessions. These activities provide individuals and organizations with the opportunity to learn about mediation, experience its benefits firsthand, and engage in constructive dialogue to find mutually satisfactory solutions.

California Mediation Week serves as a platform to showcase the effectiveness of mediation in resolving disputes across different sectors, including family, business, employment, community, and more. By highlighting success stories and promoting mediation resources, the event aims to encourage individuals and organizations to consider mediation as a first-choice option for conflict resolution.