B & A Mediation Services

Term & Conditions

  • The process of Mediation/Conciliation is a dispute resolution process which is non-adversarial in nature and seeks to find reconciliation between disputing parties with its main focus being informal, quick and no harm to either party
  • The role of Mediator/conciliator is to facilitate the parties to reach mutually satisfactory resolution to the problem with the decision making authority resting with the parties and not the Mediator/Conciliator. If the parties could not arrive at a settlement, the Mediator/Conciliator will not impose a resolution
  • The Mediator/Conciliator has no authority to make decision or to act as a Judge or Arbitrator and that he will neither act as advocate or attorney for anyone.
  • Mediation/Conciliation is a confidential process and that neither of the parties or the Mediator/Conciliator will be obliged to disclose the proceedings or discussions of the Mediation/Conciliation.
  • No party shall be bound by anything said or done at the Mediation\Conciliation unless so consented under signatures
  • If the Settlement is reached through the process of Mediation and Conciliation, the agreement is reduced to writing by the Mediator/Conciliator and when signed and approved by the parties, the same shall be legally binding upon all parties as enforceable under The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
  • All the parties as well as Mediator will sincerely attempt to resolve the matter by cooperating and giving serious consideration in a realistic manner
  • The parties will conduct themselves in courteous and respectful manner before Mediator/Conciliator, use proper language and allow the Mediator/Conciliator in interrupt the process if she feels so for caucus, break or gathering information to conduct the proceedings in a peaceful manner
  • Neither of the party shall file any Complaint and/or Case against the Mediator for failure of the Mediation/Conciliation Process (if any) on any ground whatsoever.
  • The mediator cannot be called upon to testify in any proceeding or to disclose to the court as to what transpired during the mediation